Meet Our Board of Directors

Project LEARN's Board of Directors come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all share a commitment to improving the lives and opportunities for students in Lowell Public Schools. 

Acting Chair

Brian Martin


James Sullivan


Matthew Coggins

Board Members

Nicole Bernier

Hilary Clark

Thomas Daugherty

Michael Gallagher

Ellen Grondine

Vichtcha Kong

Stephanie B. Liakos

Jack O'Connor

Latifah Phillips

Patti Fleming Quigley

Michael Tith

Gary Wallace


Dr. Joel Boyd Superintendent, Lowell Public Schools

Dr. James Mabry President, Middlesex Community College

Dr. Jacqueline Moloney, Chancellor, UMass Lowell

Dr. Eleanor Abrams, UMass Lowell

Associate Board of Directors

Joshua Aizpurua, Ileana Arias, Barney Arnold, Kathryn Chobanian, Hilary Clark, Kim Fontaine, Jen Gwatkin, Vanna Howard, Nancy Lippe, Rachel Polizzotti, Narin Sinuon, Linda Chan Flynn, Karen Spengler, Maria Vejar, Jessica Wrigley