Supporting Student Voice at LHS

Part of Your Voice Matters, these cultural competency workshops education & empower youth with skills to have courageous conversations about injustices & equity. This leadership opportunity positions students to be facilitators & champions of a culturally responsive Lowell. In the fall of 2019, 8 Lowell High students led a dialogue about race and equity in the Lowell Public Schools, with an additional 25 students participating in the dialogue.

School-Community Engagement

Schools are always looking for new, innovative ways to engage their families. It is vital to get community and family involvement in decision making processes, and to make sure that parents/community members know that their voice is being heard. 

Working with a grant from the Nellie Mae Education Foundation and a large coalition consisting of Lowell Public School representatives, community members, teachers, and volunteers, we are working to make engagement a priority and enhance the work already being done in the schools through our Your Voice Matters initiative. We are finding meaningful opportunities for families, community members and the schools to work together to provide a better education and more opportunities for students. You can learn more about the work being done through Your Voice Matters and how to get involved here.