Portrait of a Graduate

In partnership with Lowell Public Schools. Project LEARN has been working to bring together students, families, educators, employers, and community partners to create a bold new vision for Lowell’s graduates: Portrait of a Graduate 2020 is a community-driven process that will define success for Lowell students, including the values, knowledge, skills, and work habits they will need to thrive as learners, workers, and leaders in the 21st century.

Thanks to funding from the Barr Foundation, in its planning year Portrait of a Graduate focused on: 

  • Engaged Community
  • Shared Values
  • New Priorities
  • Innovative Learning

Stay tuned for the launch of the final portrait in February 2021. For more information or to get involved contact info@projectlearninc.org. 

Portraits of our Graduates

As part of our work with Portrait of a Graduate, Project LEARN launched “Portrait of our Graduates.” Portrait of our Graduates surveyed dozens of Lowell High students to ask what their vision for the future is and what are their hopes and dreams for the future. Not only for themselves, but their fellow classmates. All students were also to work socially distant and safely to get their professional portrait done with Lowell photographer, Henry Marte


Click here to check out the 2020 student portraits and their vision for the future.